A Sephardic Celebración

sephardic celebracionSunday, February 10, 2019 2:30—5:00 pm — Join us for a fun celebration of Sephardic Jewish Culture. Come learn about the history of Turkish Sephardic Jews, sample Sephardic foods and listen to Sephardic Music at Congregation Emanu-El on Sunday, February 10 from 2:30 to 5:00 pm. This is the third presentation in the Exploring the Sephardic Legacy series.

Betsi Boeno will entertain you with a special presentation about the Turkish Jews who emigrated from Spain to Turkish territories more than five centuries ago bringing with them their religious, social and culinary traditions. You will hear about Turkish Jewish lifestyles, traditions and a brief history of this magnificent country.

During intermission you will have the chance to taste some very popular dairy & vegetarian Sephardic foods prepared in their homes by Rosalind Majorki & Yaaqov Ittah, Betsi Boeno, Amber Woods, Ruth Schreier, Dahlia Beck and Frances Aknai.

Then the Kouskous duo will offer you the rhythms and musical flavors that make Sephardic music both exotic and soulful. Let the music of the Sephardi take you from a synagogue in Marrakesh to Istanbul and places in between. Gary Cohen fronts Kouskous and provides vocals, guitar and lead percussion while Amber Woods adds back-up percussion on a variety of instruments and occasionally sings.

For more information contact: congregationemanuel.betsi@gmail.com

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