Photo Contest, Naturally

  • What: Capture an image – with a camera – of a natural phenomenon around you that you think requires preserving. NO images of people, please.
  • When: February to May. Deadline: 27 May 2022.
  • Windfall: Two (2) extraordinary homemade desserts (delivered on Fridays).
  • Why:  To highlight and share ideas of what, in nature, we should pay attention to in our attempts to protect the living world, so that we and our environment may thrive.
  • Who: Open to ALL ages.

           Please limit submissions to four (4) photos per week.

  • Where: Photos will be posted anonymously on a Kudoboard until 27 May 2022. 

Photos will be visible for viewing on Kudoboard. DO NOT SUBMIT DIRECTLY TO KUDOBOARD! PLEASE SUBMIT TO


Once a week, an image will be published – anonymously – in the Emanu-El Newsletter until the contest is complete (27 May 2022). 

  • Winner: To be announced 3 June 2022, just before Shavuot.
  • Weighers: Judges are Nadin Boeno, Graham Dragushan, Rick Kool, Tillie Stanger-Ross, Julie Wittrock

Handyfoto sommerlandschaft

Summary of event details

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