Candles4Climate Vigil: Call to Action from Jewish and Christian Faiths

#Candles4Climate Vigil

Monday December 13th, 5:00 PM – This Monday, bring your candle to the Candles4Climate Vigil in support of our climate!  

Emanu-El joins with the Anglican Diocese of Islands and Inlets to demonstrate support of 10 climate emergency actions. Rabbi Harry and Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee have written to Premier John Horgan calling for accountability and the protection and preservation of our environment. 

Read the letter to Premier John Horgan

Join Rabbi Harry and Bishop Anna at the vigil. 1084 Fort Street: the office of Grace Lore MLA Victoria-Beacon Hill.

There’s more you can do! Read on…

The Campaign

Goal: Demonstrate public support for the ten climate emergency actions with a visible weekly candlelight vigil for the victims of climate change.

Action: Light a candle in your window every Monday night at 8pm until the provincial government takes the movement’s ten emergency actions. Share on social media as you see fit with hashtag #Candles4Climate.

Organize: Plan a Monday candlelight vigil outside your MLA’s office with other community members and invite your MLA. 

Sample Social Post

Tonight, we’re remembering victims of BC’s record heat wave and widespread flooding & calling on the province to take urgent action on the climate emergency. Please light a candle in your window at 8pm this evening. Take a photo, use the hashtag #Candles4Climate & tag your MLA

Facebook image – #Candles4Climate Vigil

Sample Network Email

Dear [NAME],

Somber news from the B.C. Coroner’s Office confirmed nearly 600 people died from extreme heat this summer in the province. Since then, floods have swept away critical infrastructure, farmlands and First Nations communities throughout the province. These devastating events are sounding the alarm for us to eliminate carbon pollution as fast as possible to prevent even more deadly extreme weather.

People across the province are lighting a candle to remember the victims of these deadly events and to show our communities we need to act on the climate emergency with the urgency it requires.

Every Monday evening at 8pm, we’re putting this candle in our windows and sharing a photo on social media. Together, we are grieving the victims of climate change and honouring their memory by demanding action from our provincial government. We’ll continue this weekly vigil until B.C. has a climate plan that reflects the emergency.

Earlier this year, nearly 300 Indigenous organizations, student clubs, faith communities, businesses, unions, environmental non-profits and cultural groups wrote to the provincial government with a list of actions it must take to combat this crisis. You can read the open letter here and sign on for your organization here

Please join us and put candle (a beeswax, soy-based or LED are great) in your window on Monday night. Share it on social media with the hashtag #Candles4Climate and tag your local MLA! Thanks for taking the time out of your week to remember those we’ve lost to the climate crisis and resolve not to rest until everyone is safe from its devastating impacts.



P.S. Please be safe and make sure to extinguish your candle before you go to bed. 

Summary of event details

  • Date: Monday December 13th
  • Time: 5:00 pm
  • Where: 1084 Fort Street: the office of Grace Lore MLA Victoria-Beacon Hill

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