A Piece of Our History–in Music!

After over 100 years we can now listen to “The Charge at Dawn” composed by Victoria’s own Judge Samuel Davies Schultz, the first Jewish judge in Canada.

Click here to find out more about Judge Schultz; musician, composer, journalist, pitcher and former Vice President of Congregation Emanu-El (1897 to 1902).

Amber Woods came into possession of an original copy of the published score from a descendant.  Before donating it to the Jewish Museum and Archives, she made a copy. After a couple years of false starts, she found Jan Stirling, who performs the piece on piano.

To hear the piece:

Composed by S.D. Schultz of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Copyright 1900. Performed by Jan Stirling.

Many thanks to Amber Woods for her remarkable research. Her rigorous scholarship is a gift to our community that gives us precious information as well as a sense of continuity with our past.

To see more of Amber’s work, and to explore more Jewish history in Victoria, click:

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