Let’s talk about Israel & Palestine!

Peace Tom JelletSunday, March 18, 10 am at Ruthi Wick’s Home — Join us for coffee, bagels and a discussion of events in Israel, Gaza and the occupied territories. David Berson, Chair of the Zionist organization Ameinu (Canada) and the Executive Director Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (CABGU), BC & Alberta Region, will lead a discussion designed to help our kehila better understand the nuances of the situation in Israel/ Palestine, to explore how we can play a more active role in the pursuit of peace and to find ways to involve the younger generations in the peace quest.

David will showcase the many efforts at peaceful coexistence taking place between Palestinians and Israelis which are building confidence and trust alongside understanding and acceptance.

David believes we should encourage dialogue on our side and hold forums that can bring people together to build community. A particular problem today is the reality that on many campuses Israel’s right to exist is called into question, a serious distortion of the situation. The government may be leading things in a perverse and negative direction but that is not a reason to “sign off” on Israel and her right and reason for existing.

In addition to the information and sources David will share with us concerning the engagement of Ameinu there will be opportunities to sign up for the newsletter, or the resource site, The Third Narrative or Ameinu’s connection with JSpaceCanada.

His additional suggestions may also concern the film Wrestling with Jerusalem which was screened at UBC recently – the producers are keen to stimulate dialogue and understanding with the diaspora.

And then there will be Project Rozana to talk about. We hope to have hard copies of the OpEd from the Jan. 16, 2018 The AustralianPeace is Coming But It’s Under the Radar” available. Such an inspiring article!

David is searching for ways to bring Jon Allen, our former Canadian ambassador to Israel, out to British Columbia – Jon is on the board of Project Rozana Canada. There is the possibility of bringing someone from Rozana out to our region next month.

David’s final introduction will be to the organization Women Wage Peace.