Zachor Remembrance Wall

Deadline September 15 – As we approach the High Holidays it is a time to wish family and friends a Sweet, Happy and Healthy New Year.
We also take the time to remember loved ones that are no longer with us.
The Zachor committee invites everyone to consider honouring the memory of a loved one on our wall of Remembrance in our cemetery. This is especially meant for people not buried in the Jewish cemetery. Once we have 10 new names we’ll do the inscriptions and have a dedication ceremony at the Wall.

Located within a natural Garry Oak meadow, our historic Jewish Cemetery of Victoria is filled with eclectic headstones and graves dating from 1861 and also is the home of the Shoah/Holocaust Memorial of Victoria. We are offering a special opportunity to inscribe, in English and/or Hebrew, the names of loved ones not buried in our Cemetery into the Zachor Remembrance Wall and to include them in the Cemetery website.

What will this cost?

5 – 10 characters$58026 – 35 character$785
11 – 25 characters$68536 – 60 characters$885

English and/or Hebrew characters can be used.
Deadline to order is September 15, 2022.

What will I get for this contribution to the Victoria Jewish Cemetery?

Names will be engraved into the stone of the Zachor wall. Letters will be ≈0.75 in/1.9 cm high. Placement will be assigned on the wall, taking into account the number of words to be engraved and the size of the various stones. Family names purchased at the same time will be engraved in the same location with ≈0.75 in/1.9 cm spacing between lines.

Transliterated Hebrew names can be included on the order form (attached below), and the final Hebrew will be confirmed with the purchaser before engraving. We will post a photograph and a 500 word submission about the people memorialized on the Cemetery website’s Zachor wall section. Please provide a suitable scanned image and text to:

Engravings will be carried out in groups of ten, so there may be a period of time between the purchase of the engraving and when it actually will be done. You will be invited to a ceremony at the cemetery after the engraving of the names are completed.

A receipt for any tax-deductible amount in your payment (up to the total $400 contribution) will be sent to you in February following the end of the calendar year in which the payment is made.

The Zachor wall does not replace the Yizkor plaques in the historic sanctuary of Congregation Emanu-El, which also include dates, and which are illuminated during appropriate times during the Jewish calendar year.

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