Honouring our fathers


Shabbat Yitro, February 15, 2020—This is the time of year when a group of us mark the yahrzeit of our fathers. We invite you to join us as we honour their memory at this special Shabbat service and the kiddush luncheon that follows.

Janis Diner Brinley, Steven Diner, Sharon Fitch, Janna Ginsberg Bleviss, Dan Goldberg, Sepora Mayim Jacobsen, Shoshana Litman, Isa Milman, Barbara Pelman, Jackie Saunders-Ritchie, Aaron Severs, Hanna Tiferet Siegel, Penny Tennenhouse, Sheila Tennenhouse.

Honouring our fathers

Shabbat Yitro, February
18, 2017

Shabbat Yitro, a group of Emanu-El daughters (and now two sons) invite you to
join them on the yahrzeit of their fathers honouring them by participating in
Shabbat service and a Kiddush which follows. Please join them. 


  • Barbara
  • Janis
    Diner Brinley
  • Steven
  • Sharon
  • Penny
  • Isa
    Milman and Mayim Sepora
  • Shoshana
  • Jackie
  • Sheila
  • Aaron
  • Janna
    Ginsberg Bleviss

will welcome some special guests that morning: Shirley Diner from Winnipeg, one
of our sponsors and mother of Janis and Steven will be with us. And we
expect two women from Vancouver who have joined us before. We hope you can

Yizkor Second Day Festival

Yizkor is a time for us to invoke the memory of loved ones.  At Passover it is especially poignant after encountering the empty chair at seder.  

This Shabbat morning (April 11), light a ner neshama—ayahrzheit soul candle—and through prayer and self-reflection we recall the memories of those who gave us life, those who taught us core lessons, those who shared our most intimate moments and those who touched us in the deepest and most powerful ways who are no longer with us on this planet.