Tashlikh 2020

Congregants gathered joyfully and safely by the ocean under blue, clear skies at Cook & Dallas for the beautiful shofar and tashlikh services led by Rabbi Harry with his COVID-19 compliant shofar. This was one of three such meaningful services held by Congregation Emanu-El on the second day of Rosh Hashanah by the ocean in Victoria and at Banfield Park, West Vic. For more photos by Penny Tennenhouse…

A poultry-free, eco-friendly tashlikh

Thinking shalom!

OK! We have been poultry free for a while! However, it is only recently that we have adopted the practice of casting beach stones instead of bread crumbs in our tashlikh ritual. The tossing of bread on the waters is no longer considered appropriate as it violates modern understanding of appropriate wildlife feeding.
Penny Tennenhouse has provided the newsletter with some lovely pictures of this year’s Emanu-El tashlikh.
For more pictures…