Magical elements ready for Sukkot?


Do you have your magical elements ready for

Yes, we are referring to the lulav and etrog.  The arba’at ha-minim—the four species of fruit
and plants that we wave around and parade with on the holiday of Sukkot.  The lulav and etrog are a way for us to use
theurgy (religious magic) to invoke God’s presence and ask for rain.  In waving the four species in the six
directions of space and returning to self—holding the lulav and etrog at our
heart—we are, in essence, invoking God’s presence in all space within time.  If you listen to the sound of the lulav, you
can hear the subtle sounds of a rain stick asking the Divine Source for the
blessings of rain.  We are also
connecting with our ancestors and our brothers and sisters all over the planet. 

To acquire your very own lulav and etrog you
don’t need to make your way to Diagon Alley, but simply click here to download the order form.   We order them through Rodals
Quality Judaica
in Montreal, so orders must be in by September 8.  The cost for a set is $65.00 for a regular
set, or $80.00 for a deluxe set.  

Lulav and Etrog 5775


As in previous years, we shall be obtaining lulavim and etrogim for those wishing to purchase these ritual items.  This year we are pleased to have Rodals Quality Judaica in Montreal as our supplier.  Prices are $60 for the regular set, and $70 for the deluxe lulav and etrog set. 

 To place an order, please  contact Zelda at the synagogue office by Sept. 22 at 250-382-0615 or by email.Let us know if you’d like a regular set or deluxe model (“mehudar”).  Prices are still to be determined.  For any questions, feel free to contact Aaron Severs at 250-475-0686 or by email