Syrian Refugee Family Sponsorship Update


26, 2016

The Inter-Cultural
Association (ICA) has confirmed that the sister of the
little family we’re sponsoring has completed her paperwork. While some of the
paperwork from the family has come in, other pieces are outstanding. The family
is having trouble either gaining access to or using a computer in Turkey. Nonetheless,
the ICA’s translator will begin English translation of the currently received documents.
There are mountains of forms, reports, applications etc. that must be completed
by all parties. This is a lengthy process. Needless to say, we are all anxious
to know the outcome of the paperwork review, and the medical/security

In the meantime,
fundraising will continue to help us reach our goal. Last Sunday’s fundraiser
at Congregation Emanuel – The Song of
– was wonderful, and raised $500 for our sponsorship project and $300
for the synagogue.  

Dahlia Beck’s description
of her experience says it all:

Faulkner has said that “the work of the artist is to lift up people’s
hearts and help them endure.”

The 9 artists

up our hearts,

our bodies,

our souls,

our senses,

buoyed our spirits.

Todah rabah to the poets Isa, Barbara, Judith, & Dvora, and The Klez —Kate (violin), Alex (mandolin), Martina (flute), Barb (bass), and Lucy (guitar).

Members of our community
have been most generous in volunteering to provide all manner of goods for the
family.  Thank you so much!  Once we create a database of offers received,
and needs outstanding, we will request other supplies and household goods.