Special Outdoor Shabbat Morning Service: Parashat Koraḥ

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Saturday, June 27, 2020 10:00 am in Government House Grounds—Come and reconnect in person with friends for a spirited, casual, participative prayer and Torah learning experience.

If you wish to attend, please register as soon as possible HERE. Continue reading Special Outdoor Shabbat Morning Service: Parashat Koraḥ

Shabbat service 101

November 19 starting at 10:00am

  • What:  A special learners service with Rabbi Harry. This will be condensed service where we will learn about some of the essential prayers and focus on the intentions of the service in a ruaḥ-filled ambience.
  • When:  Shabbat Morning, November 19 starting at 10:00am
  • Where: Congregation Emanu-El sanctuary
  • For Whom:  Everyone, families, individuals, anyone who wants to learn about Shabbat morning service or deepen their experience.
  • Why:  Because traditional liturgy is not user-friendly or always accessible.  This is an opportunity to deepen our connections to prayer and each other.
  • How:  A mix of learning, dialogue, song and interactive Torah reading

Shabbat Service, Saturday, December 13

Avodah is very pleased to have Jennifer Mortimer, coordinator of the Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter Program, give the drash at our upcoming Dec. 13 Shabbat service.  

Congregation Emanu-El participates in this program, providing shelter and hot meals at our synagogue one night each week to homeless youth during the cold winter months. 
Also joining us from Beacon Community Services will be Elaine Venables, Director of Children’s Programs and Counselling Services. We are grateful to Jenn and Elaine for their outstanding leadership and partnership with Avodah and Congregation Emanu-El in carrying out this important program.