Art show: Empowered life

(August 31 – September 10) —

Anawim Art Show ImageAnawim House’s 2nd Collaborative Community Art Show will open on Thursday, August 31 at 7:30 pm at the Public Market at the Hudson 1701 Douglas Street, Victoria. The display and auction continue through September 10. Continue reading Art show: Empowered life

Our Place welcomes donations in kind

Our Place strives to meet the needs of its large extended family and welcomes donations in kind. Please consider
donating the following:*

  • Winter clothing
    Winter has come to Victoria and many of the
    Our Place family find themselves without adequate warm
    clothing and supplies for the cold days and frigid nights. Please check your closets for gently used extra coats, scarves, gloves, hats and sleeping bags that are in good condition and bring them to Our Place Recep tion.
  • Bus tickets
    Transportation to medical, dental and job interviews is often difficult for our family members. Our Spiritual
    office tries to keep a supply of
    Tickets in our office to assist individuals who need them for these
    important appointments. Please consider
    making a donation of Bus
    Tickets to the Spiritual Care office at Our Place.
  • Nutritional supplements
    Many of our family often have issues
    with nutrition because of chronic health issues. Our Spiritual Care office tries to keep a supply of Boost & Ensure supplements in our office to help individuals we know are
    struggling with nutrition issues.

*Bring donations in kind to Our Place Society at 919 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC
V8V 3N4, Canada

Avodah’s Rent Supplement Program

extremely tight housing market is resulting in rising rental costs, low vacancy
rates and high competition for available units.  Many families struggle to
keep a roof over their heads. 

help families who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness, Avodah
Social Action Group
has partnered with the Burnside Gorge Community Centre for
several years.  Avodah provides $485 in monthly funds- $360 a month for
rent and utilities for up to three families and an additional $125 a month for
emergency food cards. 

Gorge, in its quarterly reports to Avodah, details how Avodah’s funds are
spent.  Following are a few examples from these reports:

single mother received word that she had been accepted into subsidized housing
after a three year wait. Though working full-time, she was struggling to
come up with funds to cover a damage deposit, rent and moving costs. A
rent supplement was provided to assist her in covering the damage
deposit, ensuring she was able to accept the unit. ”

“ A family with two children aged seven and two were at imminent risk of
having their electricity disconnected due to the high costs of winter
heating. After exhausting all other possible financial resource from
family, friends, and other community organizations the Housing Outreach team
was able prevent the loss of electricity with an Avodah subsidy; in order
to prevent further disconnection notices the Housing Outreach team
arranged an affordable equal payment plan between the family and
BC Hydro.”

” A single father had his hours cut at work and was struggling to pay his
rent. A rent supplement was provided to cover the remainder of his rent
and ensure he kept his unit in subsidized housing. He was then able to
focus on securing a second job to increase his income and ensure he is able to
pay his rent on time"

In concluding their report, The Family Housing Outreach Workers thank Avodah
for our continuing financial support, saying how Burnside Gorge Community
Association’s work, in combination with our monthly cheques, helps families
achieve long term success in maintaining housing.

Your donation to Avodah will help ensure continued support for this program.

McGregor Socks Donations

Monday January 9th


Avodah and the Victoria Cool Aid organized an event at Anawim House to mark the 9th year of McGregor Socks donations—totalling over 70,000 socks. At the event, Michael Bloomfield discussed community-building through socks fundraising and logistical coordination, and three local service groups shared stories of the work they do in Victoria and the impact of handing someone in need a pair of warm, dry socks. 

We talked about how this project is about socks, and also about community collaboration and sharing—from the organization of the project, to the collaborative distribution of the socks to 30 local community agencies. Three socks recipient agencies attended the event: CARTS Outreach, the Victoria Youth Clinic and Anawim House.

Avodah sponsors 8 for 8


Avodah invites you to bring 8 items—one for each night of Hanukkah
to the Menorah Lighting in Centennial Square
December 26, 2016 5:00 pm

to the synagogue office during office hours

Let’s share our abundance with the Emergency Food Service at St John the Divine.

Suggested non-perishable items for donation are:

  • canned fruit canned salmon
  • tins of meat, chicken canned pasta meals
  • ketchup, mustard mayonnaise & pickles
  • jam cereal
  • chunky soups crackers
  • chocolate bars instant coffee
  • bars of soap shampoo
  • deodorant razors

Thank you from the Avodah Social Action Group

Out of the Rain Youth Shelter

the sixth year running, Congregation Emanu-El will provide weekly night shelter at our
synagogue to our city’s homeless youth. From October to April, our wonderful
volunteers produce hot, nutritious meals for youth as part of the Out of the
Rain Youth Shelter
 program. Two trained youth workers staff the shelter each

1997, a group of downtown outreach workers, frustrated at the lack of sheltering
services for street youth in Victoria, were determined to find a place for
Victoria’s street youth to sleep at night. These workers, in collaboration with
a group of youth, began asking around downtown Victoria for places willing to
open their doors to house the youth. A coalition of community and faith-based
organizations was formed and the Out of the Rain Youth Shelter was born. At
their inception the purpose was simple: to provide a warm, safe place to sleep
for homeless youth throughout the coldest months of the year. The doors opened
in the winter of 1998 for six months. They have been open every winter season
since.” (

of the Rain

is the first and the longest-standing program in which Avodah participated. This
youth shelter program has very strong support from the congregation, and an
excellent ongoing relationship between Avodah, Beacon Community Services and
the coalition of faith groups co-ordinating the program.

is one of the programs you are supporting when you to donate to Avodah

Support Bridges for Women Project


If you are considering passing on your old Mac or iOS devices, Mac Zen—a Victoria-based Apple IT support firm—is happy to accept them. Instead of going to the landfill, your old tech will help deserving women reclaim their lives!

To expand access to technology for women impacted by violence or abuse,  Mac Zen has partnered with the local non-profit society Bridges for Women. People in Greater Victoria can donate their used Mac, iPad or iPhone—and Mac Zen will securely erase them and make them ready for donation to Bridges who will issue tax receipts for market value upon request. 

To read about the program, and how to donate a used Apple device visit their Support Bridges for Women webpage.

Our Place Also Needs Bus Tickets

to medical, dental and job interviews is often difficult for our family members
here at Our Place. Our Spiritual Care office tries to keep a supply of Bus
Tickets in our office to assist individuals who need them for these important appointments. 

Please consider making a donation of Bus Tickets to the Spiritual Care office
at Our Place. Your donation of bus tickets can be dropped off at the Reception
Desk at Our Place 919 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC. 

Please let Reception know you
are dropping these off for the Spiritual Care office. Thanks for all your

Avodah supports Youth Drop-In Program

Congregation Emanu-El’s social action group, was created in 2003 by Rabbi Harry
Brechner as a vehicle to put our beliefs into action (ve’ahavta l’reyakha
–love your neighbour as yourself; Tikkun Olam – repair of the world;
and gmilut ḥasadim –acts of loving kindness). Avodah means

Through the support of dedicated volunteers and our congregation, Avodah serves
those most in need, particularly poor and homeless youth, adults and families,
in our Victoria community.

One such youth group that we support is at Quadra Village Community Centre
on Kings Road Their website

"The Quadra Village Community Centre is a safe and welcoming
gathering place in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Hillside Quadra. We
work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and
programs to meet the social, educational, health, employment, environmental and
recreational needs of the people in the heart of the city.”

This community centre is a warm and inviting place.  Their website calls
it "Caring~Respectful~Inclusive” and we have found this to be true.

After meeting with Kelly Greenwell, their Executive Director, Avodah began
donating $150 a month to be used towards providing healthy snacks for their
Youth Drop-In Program. We have been supporting these youth since December,

The Drop-In program runs three days a week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday for
three hours each evening. They see about 35 youths between the ages of 10-18 each
night. The Programs Coordinator, Tara Skobel, wrote that the “youth continue to
eat the veggie tray before the other snacks” and continues, "we are so
grateful that we are able to provide veggies and other healthy snacks like
fruit due to your generous donation.”

For many of the youth, the food at this Drop-In program is their dinner.

Avodah makes a real and positive difference in the lives of people in need
in Victoria.  Your generosity to the Avodah fund will help us continue to
put our beliefs into action.