Hygiene Items Needed for Our Place

Appeal fromOur Place

This summer has seen a dramatic increase in individuals accessing our
hygiene area for showers and summer clothing.

Through your generosity we can continue to provide the following
products to those in need:

• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Disposable razors
• Skin Cream
• Soaps/Body Wash
• Deodorants
• Toothpaste

• Tooth Brushes
• Medicated Foot Powders
• Plastic combs
• Men’s and Women’s summer clothing
• Men’s and Women’s shoes—especially runners
• Bath Towels & Face cloths
• Women’s Sanitary Products
• Bandaids

Any of the above items must be taken to Our Place Society, Main Reception
at 919 Pandora Avenue
. Please do NOT bring them to the synagogue.  Thank you for your continued support of Our
Place Society.

Congregation Emanu-El Presents: An Afternoon with Rev Allen Tysick

Sunday, March 1, 2pm


Rev Al, simply put, is a lifesaver to Victoria’s most vulnerable and right from the get go, our own Avodah has been a strong supporter.  No stranger to poverty in his youth, Rev Al was one of the prime movers behind Our Place and was the director from its inception in 2007 until 2011, when he left to found the Dandelion Society.

With Dandelion, Rev Al and his dedicated volunteers are truly at the sharp end of poverty in our city, a position incorporated into Dandelion’s Mission Statement:  

We live out our mission by being present in the places that shelter those who are forgotten, those who have fallen through the cracks of the system. We don’t have an office, instead we do all our work on the streets, in hospitals, and in jails, meeting those who are homeless wherever they are.

You will be moved to tears of sorrow and tears of laughter by Rev Al’s stories; you may be surprised to hear his views, grounded in hard experience, regarding our current welfare system and why it is so obviously failing; you may be inspired by his sense of hope and by his suggestions as to what each of us can do to improve that system.

Rev Al’s talk will be followed by question time then a chance to meet and engage with him personally, over tea and cookies.  In honour of Rev Al and the work he does – all donations received will go to the Dandelion Society.

Please do your best to spread the word about this important talk and of course – we hope to see you there.

February 25, 2015 update: Anna Bowness, Manager for the Times Colonist Spiritually Speaking blog has published information about Congregation Emanu-El’s Afternoon with Allen Tysick. There are also articles by Lincoln Shlensky and Amber Woods.