Notes from your Newsletter Editor

# 1 Beginning with the June 18, 2021 Newsletter, the submission DEADLINE for item inclusion is noon the preceding Friday.
There are a variety of circumstances that prompt this change: an all-volunteer newsletter team; growing variability in publication readiness of submissions; incorporation of online links in items and the event schedule; and the need to better attend to privacy.

# 2 Since February 2021, we have adopted several measures to protect our congregant’s privacy:

  • The Congregation Emanu-El Newsletter is no longer published on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The Congregation Emanu-El Newsletter will not publish the pictures of individuals, who are neither “public figures” nor have a Facebook page, without their express consent.  
  • The Congregation Emanu-El Newsletter will not publish an individual’s phone number or personal email address without express consent.

This means that you may receive a request for CONSENT to publish your personal data that was/will be included in a newsletter item. If so, please respond promptly as we are working against a deadline.

#3 To help those who have forgotten, and those who may never have known, how to submit an item to the newsletter, here’s a link to this information.

#4 We have a temporary online newsletter editor joining us in July, so it is important that our processes efficiently include that person.
We need to be able to move in a step-wise fashion from the receipt of content through to its publication.

Temporary newsletter publisher/editor needed

Congregation Emanu-El is looking for a temporary newsletter publisher/editor. Our editor is taking a much-needed hiatus to work on our synagogue information management system. If you have time and some experience with MailChimp, or desktop publishing skills, please contact the synagogue office at 250-382-0615 or This is a three-month position, and there is an honorarium attached to this essential role.

Why we can’t accept posters

People often approach us with a ready-made poster, and ask us to publish it in our newsletter, or online. We can’t accept these, however, and here’s why:

  1. Electronic newsletters, by their nature, are primarily text-based vehicles, with illustrations designed to be placed in between text blocks. Posters, on the other hand, are a hard-copy print medium, designed for walls, where text and images can (and usually are) combined and overlap
  2. Placing the poster purely as an illustration in addition to the text would result in redundant duplication of information
  3. Posters are usually portrait-oriented, taking up much more room on the page than anticipated by the template—which is why the ideal illustrations for a newsletter are landscape-oriented
  4. When placed within the confines of the newsletter column, some of the poster’s text may be too small to read.
  5. Some readers receive the newsletter in text, rather than HTML, format—which means that they can’t see the images, and if the text is only embedded within the picture, they can’t read it.

For all these reasons, we ask (at the bottom of each newsletter issue) that people provide us with text and images separately, not posters, when sending us items for publication.

Thanks for understanding.

Congregation Emanu-El Newsletter Team

Ads accepted in newsletter on experimental basis


The Congregation Emanu-El Newsletter (CEEN) is now accepting advertisements from businesses on an experimental basis, to complement the advertising in the annual Jewish Directory and Koleinu. Ads can contain an image, such as the one here. (See below right for a sample narrow ad). All income goes to a special new fund to help with synagogue operational expenses.  For details on circulation, rates, and conditions, see our Advertising Information Sheet.