Thursday morning minyanim

RSVP required—We will hold our Thursday morning minyanim at 7 am in the synagogue throughout the summer. Our Thursday morning minyan offers an intimate, contemplative experience—a way to connect with others, with self, and ultimately, with Divine Source. 

To register for the Thursday morning service, please email Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or have travelled out of the country within the last two weeks.

Backyard Thursday morning minyan

Minyan with dredits

Please consider joining the minyan on Thursdays at 7 am in Uri and Leah’s backyard. If you are looking for a very sweet, welcoming prayer experience that is intimate and relaxed, this is place for you.

Services will continue to be streamed as usual on Zoom, to Join Online: CLICK HERE…

In the interests of personal and community safety as we open up this opportunity for congregational worship we must observe the following practices:

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