Post-Purim Pizza Pyjama post


The Purim Pizza Pyjama extravaganza was a super evening of fun.  

There was a small sea of young children in costumes and pajamas.  With the help of some dedicated volunteers—especially Ellen Dragushan, Aaron Severs, Leah Levi and RaeAnn Brechner—we put together a fantastic “old school” carnival with games and prizes and lots of junk food.  

Marc Fagen catered pizza and hamantaschen.  

Rabbi Harry and Beatrice Keizers Clark put on an interactive puppet show with Beatrice’s homemade puppets.  

After dinner and carnival there was a spirited reading of Megilat Esther, followed by a bunch of Karaoke crooners.  

It was a great evening and made it kind of hard to get up for our 7:00am morning minyan the next day.  

Another great event at Congregation Emanu-El, The Little Shul that Could

For more pictures, see the home page of the Congregation Emanu-El website.

Purim Pizza Party, Wednesday, March 4


Leave the cooking to us.

Join your friends and family for a slab or two of mouth-watering pizza, other refreshments, and
of course – hamantaschen.

The highly
successful Kids Karnival, is rumoured to be returning once again this year. Lastly there will
be reading of Megillat Esther in both English and Hebrew, with some traditional
and non-traditional approaches taken. 


Doors open at 5

Tentative programme:

  • Kids Karnival
  • Pizza and
    other eats
  • Megillah