Qi gong plus kabbalah of the body

qi-gong-1282017_1920 1000Come join Rabbi Matt as he leads us in this calming and centering movement form. Qi gong (pronounced “chee gong”) is an ancient Chinese meditative martial art that is often likened to yoga for its physical, spiritual and emotional benefits. The next qi gong sessions will be on Thursdays, at 10 am. After 30 minutes of movement, those who wish to stay are invited for a discussion-based class on kabbalistic teachings about the spirit-mind-body connection. Come for one or for both!
Location: We’re looking for the best outdoor spot for qi gong and the location may change in the first few weeks. Email info@congregationemanuel.ca if you’re interested and you will be given location info and be updated if it changes.

Bridging Heaven and Earth: Introduction to Kabbalah with Rabbi Matt

kabbalahThursday February 27, 7:30 pm— Join Rabbi Matt for an introduction to Kabbalah in Rabbi Matt and Melina’s home (aka the Brechner’s). Come 20 minutes early to have snacks and schmooze.

The Zohar, a secretive and coded medieval book, is the magnum opus of Kabbalistic thought! In this class we will be begin to uncover its layers. We will look at: What is Kabbalah? What are Sephirot [Divine Emanations]? Why do people say we cannot study Kabbalah until the age of 40?

The word Kabbalah, often incorrectly used as a synonym for all of Jewish mysticism, means “receiving” or “tradition.” Kabbalah appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the middle ages and ushered in a brand new era of spirituality in the Jewish world. Written in Spanish-influenced Aramaic in the 13th century, the Zohar [The Book of Enlightenment] introduced a radical new theology, deeply informed by the spiritual experiences of its authors. Though Kabbalah became more contentious in the late middle-ages and modern era, at one time it was widely studied by Torah scholars of every ilk. Come and join Rabbi Matt for an accessible introduction to this esoteric text and the experiences embedded within.

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