Jubilation, a new Multi-faith Choir

Multifaith ChoirWednesday, September 5 at 7 pm in Centennial United Church — Would you like to join? Jubilation is a non-auditioned choir for adults of all ages and faiths, who love to sing songs that are inspirational and uplifting. Choral Director Anne-Marie Brimacombe, originally from the Caribbean and trained at the Royal Academy of Music in England, has been widely celebrated as an outstanding singer, music teacher, choral director and show producer.

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays (re-starting for the fall term on Sept. 5), 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Centennial United Church, corner of David St. and Hillside Ave. in Victoria (entrance off David St.).
For more information about visiting a rehearsal, joining Jubilation, or booking performances, please contact Anne-Marie at 250-882-4339, email: ambrimacombe@gmail.com


Interfaith burials – the Rabbi responds

Jewish Cemetery

Sunday February 18 2:00 pm Congregation Emanu-El — Over the past decade and more, there have been both formal and informal discussions about the possibility of creating a section of our cemetery for the burial of non-Jewish partners of members.

We had an open meeting in November when the Rabbi provided attendees with a range of rabbinic interpretations about the related issues surrounding such a change to our cemetery. Now that we have had a chance to review that material, Rabbi Harry will provide his formal rabbinic response to the the question of the creation of a section in the Emanu-El cemetery for interfaith burials in the upcoming meeting.

Dr. Richard Kool, Director, Congregation Emanu-El Cemetery

Weekly Menuḥah Meditation

MeditationFridays starting January 12 from 10:30 – 11:45 am — Join the new UVic Jewish Co-Chaplain, Julia Herzog (the other Jewish Co-Chaplain is Mike Goldstein) along with Dr. Stephanie Marchal for a weekly Friday morning meditation taking place between 10:30 and 11:45 am at the UVic Interfaith Chapel.

All are welcome to practice and learn together as different forms of Jewish meditation and contemplation are explored.  For more information, email jherzog@uvic.ca.

Emanu-El extends solace to Masjid Al-Iman


Earlier this week our President Aharon
Ittah extended solace to our Muslim neighbors over the recent Quebec
slaughter of Muslims at prayer. The text of his letter and the response of the Masjid
al-Iman is as follows:

Imam Nur and members of the Masjid

We are horrified and appalled at
the murders of people at prayer in La Grande mosquée de Québec, and at the
violence that seems to have been growing against Muslims amongst xeonophobic
communities in North America and Europe.

In our deepest being, Jewish
people understand the pain of baseless hatred and how that hatred can start
with words but often proceeds to deeds. And we know that we cannot just wish
hatred and intolerance away: we have to work together to grow understanding and
appreciation of others who may differ from us.

The members and Board of
Congregation Emanu-El want to let you know that we will mourn the loss of life
in Quebec City, and recognize the pain your community in Victoria must be

Aharon Ittah, President

Congregation Emanu-El

Dr. Richard Kool

Director, Congregation Emanu-El

Imam Nur’s Response to
Congregation Emanu-El: 


It warms my heart to see the
immense support from the wider community and particular from our friends at the Congregation Emanu-El, who showed support for our Muslim community since well before we established our Mosque
here. We really appreciate all that you say and do for us.

I do not know if you know but
tomorrow Tuesday 31st of January at 11am at the City Hall, Mayor Helps has
organized a vigil to show solidarity with the Muslim community. It is open for
the public and it would mean a lot if your congregation could be part of it.

Thank you very much once again


Ismail Mohamed Nur| Imam of Masjid al-Iman