Days of Autumn / Days of Awe: Emanu-El’s Haiku Challenge

What: Compose a traditionally structured haiku* related to the theme Days of Autumn / Days of Awe

When: September-October. Deadline: 28 October 2022

Windfall: Home-baked chocolate cake

Why: To note and record how this eventful 2-month period (end of summer and beginning of autumn, back to school, three pivotal Jewish holy-days centering on renewal and atonement, Thanks-Giving) is impacting us.

Who: Open to ALL (ages)

Way: Submit your haiku (no more than ONE per person per week) to Dahlia. Email:

Where: Haikus will be posted anonymously on a Kudoboard until 28 October 2022. 

Haikus will be visible for viewing here: (Please do not submit your haiku directly to the Kudoboard).

Once a week, a haiku will be published – anonymously – in the Emanu-El Newsletter until the challenge is complete (28 October 2022)

Winner: To be announced 4 November 2022, just before Daylight Saving Time begins

Weighers: Jill Swartz, Rachel Ditor, Allon Beck

*(W)how: A traditional haiku is composed of three (3) lines:

                        1st line: 5 syllables
                        2nd line: 7 syllables
                        3rd line: 5 syllables

Capitalization and punctuation are up to the haiku writer and need not follow traditional rules.


 Seen on a T-Shirt 😉
Compose a haikuhaikus are easy
Days of Autumn / Days of Awebut sometimes they don’t make sense
Challenge us, will you?!refrigerator

More advanced guidance:

Summary of event details