Quilter’s Connection features Chuppah creators

Full ChuppahThe Spring edition of Quilter’s Connection features the creators of our Chuppah on page 42. The article shows each square and uses the artist’s own words to describe the piece. Many thanks to Arlene Ackerman for making the original contact. It’s wonderful to see our artists being honoured in this way.

The Many Hands of the Chuppah: our story from 2013


Opens June 3 at Congregation Emanu-El synagogue — This exhibit tells the story of what inspired the hands of a multigenerational group of 14 women—artists, quilters, and designers—to create a new wedding canopy (chuppah) in celebration of the 150th anniversary (2013) of the consecration of Congregation Emanu-El synagogue.

Enid Elliot, one of the contributors to the creation of the Chuppah, said at the festive launch of the Chuppah in 2013:
“Each woman shared some of her love and energy for this community and each square comes from the heart.  It was truly a communal effort…an inspiring project.

Here’s what inspired Annette Wigod (age 91) to create her square, The Shabbat Candles.

“When a call went out for hand-sewn squares for a new Chuppah in 2013, one image leapt into my mind: Shabbat candles glowing brightly.  The Chuppah, held over the heads of the wedding couple symbolizes a Jewish home. The sight of the Shabbat candles is a weekly reminder for the couple, and later their children, that says: We are a Jewish family. Even if there is little other observance in the home, the lit Shabbat candles carry the message.

In the early 1950s when my husband and I decided to light candles on Shabbat, I didn’t know the traditional blessing. So a friend offered to type it for me in transliteration. She asked me “What kind of accent do you want? East European or Israeli?” I asked her what kind she had, her answer was “Israeli.” My answer: “I’ll take it”. Now sixty years later the image of Shabbat candles still burns brightly in my heart, and I believe, in the hearts of my children.”