Women’s League Calendar Diaries


Women's League DiaryWomen’s League Calendar Diaries for Conservative Judaism can now be ordered.  These new diaries are beautifully illustrated, pocket-sized, list our holidays, candle-lighting times, Birkat HaMazon and other information.

Please contact Barbara Walker at 250-592-2201 or e-mail her so she can order them so they may be received before the High Holy Days.

Women’s League Calendar Diaries

The Women’s League Calendar diaries are
now available.  As previously stated, they have monthly Jewish teaching &
all the Jewish holidays.  They also have Jewish prayers for Shabbat, our
Festivals & other joyous religious occasions.  To get your diary, please call Barbara Walker
at 250-592-2201.  Each diary is $10.
All proceeds from the sale of these diaries will be donated to the synagogue.

Update, July 9, 2015: 

“Thank you to everyone for buying the Women’s League Calendar Diaries.  All have been sold so there is none left.  As I stated before, all the donations are going to our wonderful synagogue.”

– Barbara Walker