Emanu-El Participates in National Bible Contest: כול הכבוד

Bible Contest Photo 1.2

The National Bible Contest was held in Montreal this past Sunday and Monday. Six of Congregation Emanuel’s Grade five/six class competed long distance from Vancouver. The material was parts of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, a total of 23 chapters. On Sunday morning the students wrote a 50-question multiple choice exam and two other exams which required them to answer questions like “who said to whom?” and “what does this mean”: “the wages of your labourer shall not remain with you until morning”. Continue reading Emanu-El Participates in National Bible Contest: כול הכבוד

Emanu-El students capture 1st and 3rd prize in National Bible Contest

20180506_112743-1-1Last week seven Congregation Emanu-El Hebrew School students travelled to Vancouver to compete in the National Bible Contest. They wrote three separate exams on over 25 chapters of Exodus; no easy feat for people of their age. When the finallists were announced, we were thrilled that we had three students in the mix: Ephrem Boyarim, Tillie Stanger-Ross and Sam Roubini. Then they wrote the final which had a question in honour of Israel’s 70th birthday – when and in what context was the land of milk and honey mentioned in Exodus? Not easy, right? Anyway, when the winners were announced Sam Roubini took 1st prize and Tillie Stanger-Ross took 3rd prize.

We are proud of all the students who wrestled with the material all year, wondering why God stiffened Pharaoh’s heart and made the Egyptians suffer so much and why wasn’t Aaron punished for making the golden calf.

Mazal Tov to everyone!

Many thanks to those of you who supported this trip financially and to the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island (JFVVI) who continues to support Hebrew School activities.

Todah Rabah,
Leah Levi and the students.

Congregation kids do proud at the National Bible Contest

Hebrew School is back from the National Bible Contest again
with great success!

Our 13 students were amazing in Vancouver. In two days, all
wrote three exams applying themselves with seriousness and giving it their best.
We had three students in the finals, Zev Godfrey, Cate Brachman, and Zofia
. After these three wrote an additional challenging exam, we learned
that Zofia had placed first and Cate, second. We are proud of their showing as we
know they had worked very hard on their own time.


 Between exams, the students had a great time jumping in
Extreme Air trampolines, swimming and playing in Watermania Wave Pool, spending
time in a wonderful park in Richmond, visiting Beth Israel Synagogue and
exploring the Jewish Community Centre. They also had a very enjoyable
celebratory dinner the last evening. It was really wonderful to see these
students building strong friendships, having lots of fun and reviewing Torah.


Thank you very much for supporting our children in this
beautiful endeavour. We are very proud of all of our students.

Good luck to our students at the Bible Contest

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday thirteen students in Kitah Hey & Vav (grade 5 & 6) will be
competing in the English Division of the National Bible Contest. After studying
over thirty chapters of Bereshit (Genesis) they are ready for the 50 written multiple
choice questions and the myriad of oral questions. 

In between exams they will
have the chance to play together and explore the Vancouver Jewish community.
This is an opportunity for them to create friendships and show they know a
little Torah! All the best

Emanuel students sweep National Bible Contest

Mazal Tov to our Bible Contest competitors: Congregation Emanuel Hebrew School Grade 5 & 6 students took the top three places in the National Bible Contest English Division

  1. Ana Oppenheimer 
  2. Zev Godfrey 
  3. Sammy Herzog 

[Ana, Sammy, and Zev, after the announcement]

Their hard work was rewarded and brought recognition and honour to our school. We are so delighted! 

Their parents have borne most of the costs of their participation in this wonderful experience. Please show how you appreciated their diligence, performance and integrity by making a contribution through the synagogue office to the Bible Contest. 
– Leah Lev

Fifteen Students to Compete in National Bible Contest

Congregation Emanuel Hebrew School has our biggest-ever contingent going to the National Bible Contest! Fifteen grade 5 & 6 students will be competing on May 14 and 15 in the English Division. 

They have studied 23 chapters of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and they are ready for questions about many topics—e.g., life for the Israelites in the wilderness; laws about how to treat the stranger, the blind, the deaf and the poor; laws about war; the Ve’ahavta; and where the prayer Ma Tovu comes from.

Through modern technology, the students will write the exams in Vancouver, although the contest will take place in Toronto. In between the exams on Sunday we look forward to participating in Festival Harikud and the Israel Fair at the Vancouver JCC.

This trip is a wonderful opportunity for the students to spend time together outside of Hebrew School. It also gives them a chance to be part of a larger Jewish community for a couple of days and, of course, learn a little Torah.

The cost of the trip is being borne by the parents, so any contribution you wish to make will help those parents who find the cost beyond their budget. Please mark Bible Contest in the Memo on your cheque and submit it to the synagogue office.

Thank you to the Synagogue Board and to Victoria Jewish Federation for supporting the students in their Torah learning.

– Leah Levi