Hungarian Jews Rescued by Carl Lutz

(Photo © Agnes Hirschi)
Are you one of the Hungarian Jews who were sheltered in safe houses and rescued by Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz in Budapest (1944)?
Charlotte Schallié, Associate Professor, Co-Director of the European Studies Program at the University of Victoria, will be conducting interviews next year with both survivors and eyewitnesses. For more information, please email Charlotte.

Sleeping bag blitz!


BRRRRRRR…..itʼs cold out

Avodah has the goal of raising enough money to provide 100 new sleeping bags to people living on the street

  • $25 will buy 1 sleeping bag
  • $50 will buy 2 sleeping bags
  • $75 will buy 3 sleeping bags

Share the light & warmth of Hanukkah with those in need

Please be generous; a sleeping bag is the ʻhomeʼ for a person living on the street.

Please write your cheque to Congregation Emanu-El with “Avodah/Sleeping Bag" at the bottom of the cheque.