Harbour Cats•Emanu-El•Anwim House Fundraiser a Success!

Anawim Sock Toss

On Monday July 10, 2019 Harbour Cats baseball game there was a fundraiser “homer sock toss”. Socks provided by Emanu-El were sold for $2 to the fans for the toss and redistributed by Anawim House to the needy following the game. The evening was a huge success and raised over $1000 for Anawim House. In the words of Terry Edison-Brown, Director, Anawim House, “It would not have been possible without the gracious donation of 260 pairs of socks from the Congregation Emanu-El. It is this type community support that is so important in helping Anawim help those that want to make change in their lives. Thank you so much.”

McGregor Socks Donations

Monday January 9th


Avodah and the Victoria Cool Aid organized an event at Anawim House to mark the 9th year of McGregor Socks donations—totalling over 70,000 socks. At the event, Michael Bloomfield discussed community-building through socks fundraising and logistical coordination, and three local service groups shared stories of the work they do in Victoria and the impact of handing someone in need a pair of warm, dry socks. 

We talked about how this project is about socks, and also about community collaboration and sharing—from the organization of the project, to the collaborative distribution of the socks to 30 local community agencies. Three socks recipient agencies attended the event: CARTS Outreach, the Victoria Youth Clinic and Anawim House.