Israel Advocacy 101

Effective Strategies & Techniques

This free workshop will take place at The Jewish Community Centre, Sunday, Feb. 2 from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm.

The workshop facilitator, Steve McDonald, is CIJA’s Associate Director of Communications, and has been twice-named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Lobbyists by the Hill Times in Ottawa.

Coffee, tea, bagels and cream cheese will be provided. To register, email the Jewish Federation of Victoria & Vancouver Island, or call 250-370-9488.

Are you the last one out?

Our synagogue buildings are protected by a sophisticated intrusion alarm system. It has presented the occasional maintenance problem, but the weakest link in the system is the human element. Anyone using the buildings must ensure that they have a key/code holder with them to ensure the alarm is set before the last person leaves the building.
The alarm panel will tell us if a door is open – BUT IT CANNOT TELL IF A DOOR IS UNLOCKED.

We recently had an incident where the alarm was set but the main door into the Sanctuary was not locked. The last person out the night before had failed to check and the entire building security was in a compromised state. We were alerted by Price’s Alarms when someone apparently tried the door the next morning. There is no indication that anyone actually entered—but the result could have been disastrous.
Before you leave, please check to see if you are the last one out. If so, it is essential to our collective security that you physically check that all doors and windows are properly secured before setting the code and leaving the building. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated by all.

New funeral and burial arrangements for Congregation Members

In years past, the Congregation offered pre-paid funeral services directly to our members, but changes to BC’s legislation resulted in the end of that service. The Cemetery Committee is pleased to announce that we have been able to re-establish a ‘one-stop’ funeral and burial service arrangement with Sands of Victoria (1803 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4B8 T: (250) 388-5155 F: (250) 388-6131).

At present, the cost of a funeral in the Congregation cemetery (except transportation beyond 40 kms, and purchasing and placing the headstone) is $9000 for members and $12,000 for non-members. However, the Congregation will be reviewing these prices in the coming year, and they can be expected to increase. By purchasing a pre-paid funeral policy from Sands now, under this pricing regime, you will not have any additional costs beyond the fixed price above, even if the cost of burial in the cemetery increases. The member’s price is firm as long as membership in the congregation is maintained in good standing.

For more information about the pre-paid plan, please contact Nolan Adam at Sands of Victoria (250) 388-5155.

For more information about the Congregation Cemetery, please contact Richard Kool

Dr. Richard Kool

Director, Congregation Emanu-El Cemetery

Early Music Concert

February 1, 2014

Profeti Della Quintaa group from Israelpresents a program of Italian madrigals and Hebrew prayers by Salomone Rossi on Saturday, February 1, 2014, Alix Goolden Hall, 8:00 pm.  This concert is sponsored by Early Music Society of the Islands.
Tickets are $27 for adults, $24 for students/seniors available from Ivy’s Bookshop, Munro’s Books and Long & McQuade.

Salomone Rossi, a member of the Jewish community in Mantua, was one of the greatest Italian composers of the 17th Century.  The vocal ensemble, Profeti Della Quinta ( was the winner of the prestigious biennial York Early Music International Young Artists Competition in 2011; this performance brings to life the full range of Rossi’s compositions, including a selection of his works in Hebrew.

Father’s Kiddush – January 18, 2014


Nine women in the Emanu-El community share a yahrzeit for their fathers in and around  parashat Yitro. This year we again honour our fathers by contributing to the service and hosting a small kiddush after. It is particularly fitting that the yahrzeit is at this time, as the parashah has some important fatherly references: Moses’ father-in-law Jethro (Yitro) gives him wise political advice, and the Ten Commandments is re-iterated, reminding us to honour, to give kavod to our fathers and our mothers.

The women involved in the Kiddush include: Janis Diner Brinley, Sharon Fitch, Janna Ginsberg, Shoshana Litman, Isa Milman, Sepora Mayim, Barbara Pelman, Jackie Saunders-Ritchie, Sheila Tennenhouse, and Penny Tennenhouse. There will be a special Prayer for the Poor, written by Penny Tennenhouse, added to the prayers.

We hope that you can join us, to remember and to honour our beloved fathers, and fathers everywhere.

Donations for Avodah

Please bring the following items to the Avodah box in the foyer of the synagogue:

  • warm clothing:jackets, mitts, toques, winter shoes, warm socks, underwear, blankets 
  • non-perishable goods, e.g. peanut butter, cans of tuna and salmon, canned fruit, cereal, jam, coffee 
  • Also welcome: gift cards from Tim Horton’s for Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter

The Avodah box welcomes your donations!

Beach Clean-up at Island View Beach

Sunday, January 19th, 1–3pm.

Calling congregants and friends of all ages who want to put Jewish environmental ethics into action and do something positive for our local environment! Come out to Island View Beach on the Saanich Peninsula and help clean up the beach!

  • Rain-or-Shine!
  • Dress for the Weather!
  • Hot chocolate and a symbolic Tu Bishvat seder will be partaken of after the cleanup!

Meet at the shul at 12:40pm to carpool, or  at 1pm at the Island View Picnic Shelter