Guest Prayer Leader Shefa Siegel

Back by Popular Demand: come daven Shaḥarit this Shabbat with the incredibly soulful Shefa. Shefa blends different music modalities to fit with the essence and meaning of different prayers. Come and experience Shefa’s deep and unique vocal qualities and encounter the kavannah (intentionality) he brings to prayer leadership. Makes getting to synagogue a bit earlier all the more worthwhile. Shaḥarit begins around 9:30am.

Times Colonist 10K Run

Here are a couple of pictures Penny Tennenhouse snapped last Sunday  when she suddenly sighted our RaeAnn Brechner and Sharon Fitch, excited and happy, on Moss St., in the midst of their successful runs in the Times Colonist 10K Run!  Not shown here but others who also successfully racing to the finish line were Adar BrechnerJosie Davidson and Uri Levi.  Mazel tov, all of you, well done!!

Talk on Ismaili Art & Architecture

The Ismaili community has invited our community to a talk at their Jamatkhana on May 2 at 8:30 pm (after prayers).

The two speakers for the event will be Naz Rayani C.M., Ph.C., LLD and Mr. Seyedhamed (Hamed) Yeganehfarzand. Hamed is completing his MA in the Department of History in Art at UVic. His main area of research is Ismaili military architecture in Iran. Hamed will speak on: The Ismaili Castles of the Alamut Valley in Iran.

Dr. Rayani will follow this with a short talk entitled: Ismaili Art and Architecture of the Medieval Period.

Should you need any further information, you can contact:
Dr. Marcus Milwright
Professor, Islamic Art & Archaeology
Department of History in Art, University of Victoria
P.O. Box 1700, Victoria, BC, V8W 2Y2
The address of the Victoria Jamatkhana is 1250 Esquimalt Rd. It is one block before Admirals. Phone: 250 380-2700

A Nacht at Hermann’s Jazz Club


Traditional Jewish music band, The Klez, launched their first CD, A Nacht in Gan Eydn (“A Night in the Garden of Eden”) on stage at Hermann’s Jazz Club last Sunday.
For two of the band players, the music has a charged history.
Guitarist Lucila Nerenberg is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, while flutist Martina Peladeau was born to German parents who lived under Hitler’s regime.
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Avodah & Ismaili Youth Co-Sponsor Lunch at Our Place


On Good Friday, Avodah and the local chapter of Ismaili Muslim Youth volunteers group co-sponsored a lunch at Our Place for about 300 people.

Avodah volunteers enjoyed working closely with a wonderful group of Ismaili youth, preparing and serving lunch to hungry folks who might otherwise have gone without lunch that day, it being a statutory holiday. Staffer Tracy Campbell, who joined us, said:

Thank you to the members of Congregation Emanu-El & the Ismaili Muslim Youth for coming together to co-sponsor the lunch at Our Place today. We are so grateful to all for providing this meal for those we care for.

More pictures (courtesy of Penny Tennenhouse) can be seen in the online album


A woman rings a local hospital and says:“Hello, could I speak to the person in charge to giving information about your patients. I want to know if a certain patient is feeling better, recovering as expected, or is worse.”
The voice on the other end responds:“OK, ma’am: what’s the name and room number of the patient?”
The woman answers:“Sarah Finkel in Rm 302.”
“No problem ma’am, I’ll pass you on to the nurses’ station,"replies the voice.
After a brief moment the woman hears someone say,"Nurse Station A-3, how can I help you?”
“Hello, I’d like to know status of Sarah Finkel in Rm 302."says the woman.
"One moment, please,” said the nurse,“Let me look at her chart… Oh yes, Mrs. Finkel is fine. She ate two full meals, her blood pressure is normal and her blood test came back fine. If she continues to show improvement she’ll be taken off her the heart monitor in a more hours, and Dr. Lubransky will release her on Tuesday at 12 noon.”
The woman says,“Thank Heavens. That’s wonderful news ! I’m so relieved !”
“I take it from your reaction that you’re a member of the family, or a close friend?"asked the nurse.
"Not exactly,"replied the woman,"I’m Sarah Finkel from Rm 302, and no one here has been telling me anything!”