The Sacred Craft of the Sofer: Presenter – Dov Berger

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 7:00 pm — dov berger imageThe heart of Judaism is in its sacred texts – Torahs, megillahs, tefillin, and mezuzahs – which are traditionally written by hand, using a quill, on parchment, by a trained scribe. However, even though these texts are the center of our religion, the way in which they are prepared, and the art, craft, and intricacies of Jewish law that underlie every element of the writing, materials, and preparation of the texts, are little known by most Jews. Continue reading The Sacred Craft of the Sofer: Presenter – Dov Berger


Attention parents: Announcing Kafe & Kibitz!

kafe kibitz

January 27, 2019 10:15 am to noonKafe & Kibitz is a new group for parents. We’ll meet on the fourth Sunday of the month, from 10:15 am to 12 noon at the Serious Coffee, 1280 Broad Street. Everyone is welcome, including non-members. Our goal is to enjoy each other’s company while thoughtfully discussing issues relevant to contemporary Jewish parenting. Continue reading Attention parents: Announcing Kafe & Kibitz!

Thank You to Our Donors – We Met Our Goal!

2e71940b-baf7-43ef-93a5-093b39f1dd42Late December donations to the Congregation Emanu-El Legacy Fund (hosted by the Victoria Foundation) mean we qualify for a last-minute matching grant from the Foundation. The Foundation will now add $2500 to Congregation Emanu-El Legacy Fund, which brings the fund total to $40,000. Continue reading Thank You to Our Donors – We Met Our Goal!

Remembering Suzie Deston z”l

the destons

The loss of a beloved elder of our congregation has left many of us grieving. Suzie Deston had no direct family present in Victoria, so many members of our community came out to lovingly return her body to the earth from which we all come. A friend of Suzie’s, Bill Romaine, brought some photos of Suzie and her dear husband Avi taken on Mount Washington, in 2001. Seeing them, happy together is a lovely memento. May the memory of Suzie and Avi always be for a blessing. Below are another couple of pictures by which to remember Suzie.

more suzie


Eco-Veggie Potluck Dinner & Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Kabbalat Shabbat PGFriday, January 18, 5:45 pm: Doors Open: 6:00 pm: Shabbat Dinner 7:00 pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Service — Bring a vegetarian or dairy dish to our potluck dinner along with your own dishes & utensils for dining (that’s the “eco” part!). We’ll supply the allah and wine for kiddush. The dinners are a great way to get to know each other and all are welcome. Please RSVP for the dinner at

Services will begin promptly at 7 pm, following dinner – it’s OK to come just for services if you can’t make it to the dinner. Kabbalat Shabbat is a spirited and joyful service with singing and storytelling lead by Rabbi Harry and the Shul‘s very own KabbaShabba band!  Services will conclude at 7:45 pm with a tasty oneg dessert.  Fun and meaningful for both kids and adults.

An Invitation to Get High: Tu Bishvat Walk & Seder

TuBishvat 5779Sunday January 20, 2019 — Forget about tobacco, vapour products and marijuana. Imagine, for a moment, a method to get high….naturally. Come out and play on Tu Bishvat, and do something healthy for the planet and yourself.  Join us for an afternoon and soak in the sights, smells and beauty of Mill Hill Regional Park. This is a family-friendly event, and suitable for beginner and intermediate hikers. Dogs are welcome. Continue reading An Invitation to Get High: Tu Bishvat Walk & Seder