GVAT Homes for All Community Assembly

Sunday, 2 October – On October 2, all 26 member organizations of Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) will come together in person for the first time and demonstrate our collective power to the broader community. Congregation Emanu-El is excited to be part of this big action event.

What is this Assembly about?
The deepening housing crisis touches so many people in our communities, from those experiencing homelessness to young families, single parents, workers, students, and seniors. Everyone deserves a home where they can live in security and within their means. This is a basic human right! Municipal elections are taking place on October 15. At the Assembly, GVAT will be asking mayoral candidates in the region to commit to bold policies that will preserve and create new non-profit and affordable housing for all our neighbours.

What will happen during the Assembly?
We will hear stories from people impacted by the housing crisis, then do a roll call of all member organizations – to show our strength and solidarity. Mayoral candidates present will be asked to pledge support for our asks.

What are we asking of our parishioners?
Show up at Christ Church Cathedral on October 2! Bring your family and friends. The higher the number of participants, the better we will convince the politicians that there is strong support for local governments to champion bold policies to quickly develop non-profit and affordable housing.

Why should you be there?
Even if you are securely and adequately housed yourself, think of all the people who aren’t. Can your children and grandchildren afford to live near you? Do you have friends residing in older rental buildings who live in fear of renoviction or demoviction? Can the people whose services you rely on (eg. healthcare providers) find housing in core Victoria? Are you a business owner who cannot find workers, because there is no affordable housing for them close by?

Covid safety:
All participants will be required to wear masks for the 1 ½-hour duration of the event. No refreshments will be served.

Please put October 2 on your calendar. The event will also be livestreamed via GVAT facebook. Join at vimeo.com/event/2446442
Any questions on the Assembly can be addressed to Info@congregationemanuel.ca.
Click here to see what the GVAT Affordable Housing Action Research Team has done thus far.

Summary of event details

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