Play Club

Play Club is back! Plays are read or attended/viewed, then discussed. Interesting theatre with interesting people. Please contact Rachel through the shul office for information:

Three extraordinary plays are upcoming:

Little Red Warrior by Kevin Loring

Kevin is a very irreverent, inventive and provocative playwright, as well as being the first Artistic Director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre. 

The Unplugging by Yvette Nolan

A thoughtful and lightly humourous piece about the wisdom of elder women and importance of traditional knowledge, as well as an intergenerational romance. 

The Breathing Hole by Colleen Murphy

Set in the Arctic, this is an epic in both scale and ideas featuring a 500 year old polar bear.  Colleen is a brilliant creative force in Canadian theatre and a master storyteller.

For information, contact Rachel through the shul office:

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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