Rivka Campbell: Featured Building Bridges Speaker

Building Bridges Speaker Series

January 9, 2022: Rivka Campbell will be the featured speaker in Kolot Mayim Reform Temple’s Building Bridges: Celebrating Diversity in Jewish Life event on Sunday, January 9 at 11AM PST on Zoom. Her talk is titled Harmony in a Divided Identity: A minority within a minority. Rivka, a Jew of Jamaican descent born and raised in Toronto, will talk about her work building community among Jews of Colour (JOC) in Canada while opening dialogue among the mainstream Jewish community about the experience of Jews of Colour and Jewish diversity.

Jews of Colour (JOC) is a pan-ethnic term used to identify Jews whose family origins lie in African, Asian, or Latin American countries. JOCs may identify as being of Black, Latino, Asian, biracial, or multi-racial heritage, while Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews from North African and Arab lands vary as to whether they self-identify as JOC. A common question, inappropriately posed to JOCs is “What’s your story?” Rivka’s story will include a conversation about navigating within the Jewish community as a JOC and how as a community we can work towards a common goal of ensuring that all our mishpacha (family) feel welcome and valued. 

Rivka Campbell is the co-founder of the group Jews of Colour – Canada. She is a recognized speaker on Jewish Diversity and has been interviewed by CJN and other publications numerous times. Rivka is filming a documentary on Jewish Diversity. She is the host of the CJN podcast “Rivkush” which focuses on diversity, Israel, and Jewish topics. She is also the Executive Director at Beit Rayim Synagogue and a board member of ADRABA – Toronto’s first 21st century Jewish high school. Rivka is the sole Canadian recipient of the inaugural JewV’Nation Fellowship from the Union for Reform Judaism. 

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