Emanu-El Requires Proof of Vaccination

Beginning Saturday, November 20, 2021, Congregation Emanu-El will require that persons (12 years and older) provide proof of full vaccination prior to attending Religious Services. You can send the office a copy of your Proof of Vaccination. We will verify it and retain on file only a record that you have presented proof of vaccination.

Submit your proof of vaccination HERE…

  • Preregistration is a requirement for all Religious Services. When you have preregistered, our volunteer greeters will know if your proof of vaccination has already been verified. Our volunteer at the door may still ask to see photo ID. You can also present your proof of vaccination at the door, but for ease of operation, we ask that you try to submit your proof of vaccination to the office in advance. 
  • Masking and physical distancing within the synagogue remain Emanu-El policy.  

This change is a response to the wishes of many members. Emanu-El’s COVID-19 Committee met and made recommendations to the Board, who ruled that this change represented the safest practice. Thanks to everyone for your continued commitment to our community.

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