Introducing Club Lev

Dear Congregants,
Our sustainable fundraising plan for a balanced budget annually is called Club Lev. We are asking those who can pay a little more to do so. This is how we can continue our tradition of not denying membership to anyone who cannot presently afford to pay the regular dues in full. It will also create stability for the future.
And that brings me to our eponymous mascots, two new Levs in our kehillah. Their beautiful faces remind us of why we donate—we must keep our traditions strong, l’dor v’dor. Thank you to both these Levs for agreeing to be the Honorary Chairs of Club Lev!

I also want to send a special public note of appreciation to the many people who have already joined: Rabbi Harry and RaeAnn Brechner, Chanah Caplan, Graham & Jean Dragushan, Ilan Handelsman and Katie Stafford, Rick Kool and Enid Elliot, Roxanna McKenzie Simons, Solomon Michaels and John Costello, Annette Rose, Solomon Siegel, Lincoln Shlensky and Caren Zilber Shlensky, Ilana and Jordan Stanger-Ross, Adele Vernon, Ruthi Wicks and one anonymous family donation. We are receiving donations with gratitude, and apologize if this list remains incomplete at the time of publication.

You, too, can be an illustrious member of Club Lev … for the annual cost of $1200. For many of us that is more than we can afford. That is fine! But for those of us who can give that additional amount without difficulty, please do so. We are working on a special thank-you for later in the year. Club Lev Members receive the benefit of knowing they are giving the extra dollars necessary to keep the shul budget balanced. When you think about everything Congregation Emanu-El does and is, your gift is in fact enormous, and enduring. Thank you.

If you are able to join, you may do so by calling the office at (250) 382-0615 or CLICK HERE to donate online. If you have any questions or want to be in touch you can reach me at (250) 813-3233.
Thank you
Sam Godfrey
President, Congregation Emanu-El

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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