Joy-Filled Interactive Community Seder

Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 6 pm—Join us on Sunday, March 28 at 6 pm for a Community Seder that will explore Passover traditions and customs from around the world. Expect an active and participatory Seder, experience with special breakout activities for children. Get ready for hands on customs from Poland to Persia, from North America to Morocco. All you need is Zoom, a Seder Plate, an open mind, and playful curiosity.  

Ḥevraya (Friends)

If you are joining us on the second evening of Passover for our fun interactive communal seder (on Zoom)—and want to really get into it—here are some props, beyond the usual seder plate items, that you may want to have handy. Please know that these are not vital, and I will share all my props virtually on the seder night with everyone .

  • Extra ḥaroset or finger paint, blank paper (preferably 8.5 x 11), and tape. To make a ḥamsah amulet and place it on your door.  
  • Dog and/or pet treats (only if you have a dog or pet) all will be explained at the seder.
  • Washing cup/natlah, (ritual hand-washing cup, bowl and towel for urḥatz and raḥatzah
  • Wine/grape juice and a cup.
  • Big napkin/cloth for afikoman – or a small knapsack
  • Optional cane/staff
  • Empty coffee can/jar for plagues
  • Extra cups for Elijah and Miriam 
  • Any special family items related to customs you would like to share—like marshmallows, frogs, virtual costumes  

Looking forward to a liberating and joyful Passover together,
Rabbi Harry

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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