Why not give Mysterious Moses a try?

Come join us for Mysterious Moses—a super fun game (aka Gamadim and Anakim 5781)—spread light all through the eight nights of Ḥanukkah, and stay connected through these dark COVID-19 days.
Leah Levi ran the game over Sukkot, calling it Gamadim and Anakim—some comments from players:
“It was fun to be part of a real-life community-based activity! We had fun thinking up small gifts to bring delight to our Gamadim. Of course it was fun to receive gifts too! We will certainly participate again during Ḥanukkah.” Katie S.
“This game was fun and rewarding. We felt the joy of secretly delivering small gifts, being spoiled in return and finding we made new connections. We can’t wait to play the game again.”Alexandre CW
Everyone who wishes to play for Ḥanukkah should register by 9 am, Sunday, December 6, 2020 at the latest, CLICK HERE for registration form…
How it works: Once registered, Leah will twin each family/person with another family/person, the idea being to anonymously gift your twin with small things. It could be one or more gifts, given at one or more times, in different ways. It can be something you’ve made like a pot of jam, cookies, a candle, a possession you’re gifting or a little thing you’ve bought. To deliver, you can use the postal service, another person, or find a way to deliver it yourself.

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