Please Keep Using Your Smile Cards!

communitysmilecardinsetEach time your Smile Card is used, Thrifty Foods automatically donates 5% into Congregation Emanu-El’s Smile Card Account. This revenue stream has proven important. Your combined efforts have helped us earn funds for synagogue projects—we were able to cover travel costs for Hebrew School students participating in a Canada-wide bible contest, to purchase a new digital phone system, and to install a new fire alarm system. Thank you so much for continuing to use your cards!

In May this year, we were approved to use our Smile funds to acquire office furniture for Susan and Rabbi Matt’s pending offices.

It’s full steam ahead despite COVID 19. We’ll re-apply for the Smile Card program next spring, and if approved, we may get a higher funding limit—that funding limit depends on how much you use your cards. The more our members use the cards, the better. So please pitch in!

Need a card – for you or someone else in your family? Please email Susan Holtz:  and she’ll mail you one. To load the card, take it to your local Thrifty Foods store.  At either the service desk or checkout counter, use your Debit, Visa or Master Card to put as much money on the card as you want. Then use your loaded card to pay for groceries.  It’s as fast as using “tap” on your debit or credit card. The cashier runs your card through, and gives you your grocery receipt, which also shows how much is left on the card.


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