Racism: Understanding the realities and what we can do!

What can we do 1.2Tuesday July 28, 2020 starting at 7 pm—Many people think racism is not a problem in multicultural Canada, but racism still exists everywhere in this country—including Victoria, BC. Following months of activism against systemic racism and police violence in the USA and Canada, join us on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7 pm for a discussion on Zoom as we explore how our community can respond to this call to action and find our role in fighting racism locally and more broadly. We have a panel of academics, social activists and community leaders who will lead an exploration of racism in Canada, its local manifestations and how we can all better recognize our blind spots and work towards the kind of truth and reconciliation that awakens tikkun, cosmic repair. Our panelists are Rabbi Harry, Jordan Stanger-Ross, Willow Allen, Sarah Boivin and Sharmarke Dubow.

Here is the link to join our discussion: CLICK HERE…

To dial in: 1 778 907 2071 Canada
Meeting ID: 867 0557 7665
Password: 955026

Rabbi Harry from Congregation Emanu-El will facilitate the discussion and open it with a brief survey of Torah related concepts; how they apply to racism; and offer us some sources to serve as guideposts when we encounter racism.

Jordan Stanger-Ross is an historian at the University of Victoria whose work focuses on the history of race and ethnicity in Canada. He will discuss how racism is reflected in the change and in the continuity in 20th century Canadian law and policy. Through a discussion of the past, he will provide us with some grounding for our future anti-racism aspirations.

Willow Samara Allen is an adjunct professor in Educational Leadership Studies at UVic and an anti-racism facilitator in Indigenous Cultural Safety (PHSA). Her research examines the subject-making of white women, anti-racism and multiracial families, and settler colonial pedagogies.

Sarah Boivin is a graduate of the UVic Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance program and has worked with Willow in anti-indigenous racism education for the last two years.

Sarah and Willow will share from their experiences of learning about racism and finding their roles in anti-racism and social justice work, as well as open up considerations for building antiracist practices in our Jewish community.

Victoria City Councillor, Sharmarke Dubow is a former refugee who fled civil war in Somalia at the age of 8, and spent 20 years seeking safe haven until Canada offered a home in 2012. He cast his first vote in October 20, 2018, and at the same time was elected as a Victoria City Councillor. Sharmarke will speak to his experience as a “Game Changer” City Councillor and community organizer.

Councillor Sharmarke Dubow will reflect on the current climate of racism and xenophobia in Victoria and will wrap up our session with Rabbi Harry  by looking at what steps we can take within our congregation and within the greater Victoria community to address racism.


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