Emanu-El Caring and Sharing Fundraising Auction

CEE Caring Sharing Auction logo 1.3COVID-19 has brought many changes. We are all relying more on family, friends and neighbours to help, inspire or entertain us. Could you offer something to fellow congregants during this COVID-19 crisis? What if you could help the synagogue at the same time?

We’re now renovating the synagogue basement to create new and usable space for Hebrew School, meetings, relaxing spaces to read — and more.  We’re also upgrading our kitchen, improving building ventilation and modifying our shul for pandemic physical spacing and sanitizing—should we be able to come together again in our sanctuary.

Congregation Emanu-El is going to have a silent fundraising auction in late July.  What will be auctioned?  Things our members are willing to contribute; others will bid for them and the top bid payment will be donated to the synagogue. Everybody wins! And almost everyone is in a position to offer up something. Graham Dragushan, for example, is planning to offer sharpening of peoples’ kitchen knives for the auction. You’ll be able to bid on “knife sharpening” – if you have the highest bid, your payment will go to the synagogue. And Graham will sharpen your knives (we have the sharpest knives in town!)
A list of what people are willing to do to help others will be posted on our on-line auction site. Everybody needs something.

Here’s a few ideas that people have mentioned:

  • Deliver a flower arrangement for Shabbat on four successive Fridays from the organic flowers I grow
  • Provide assistance, advice or repairs for five different household or automotive jobs in the course of a year
  • Provide gardening services (weeding, general clean-up etc) suitable for a one-time visit of up to 6 hours
  • Give cooking or baking lessons for adults or kids over Zoom
  • Tutor someone in Hebrew for a total of four hours
  • Bake ḥallah , or sweet treats like cheesecake or cookies
  • Cook a Shabbat dinner for pick-up by the winning bidder

What might you be able to do that would help, inspire or entertain others? We’ll list it on our “Caring and Sharing Emanu-El Fundraising Auction Site.  Then the fun will start!
Details on how to bid etc. will be released soon.  In the meantime, have an idea for what you can offer?
Email or call Jean Dragushan, Fundraising Chair   jean.dragushan@gmail.com  250-818-4132

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