Concerned about racism, climate change, public health, affordable housing…?

GVAT revised
If you are concerned about racism, climate change, public health, worker’s rights, affordable housing, colonialism, mental health, a just recovery…—here’s help getting organized! Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) is offering leadership training in a series of sessions on June 30, July 2, 7, 9, and 14 from 10 am – 12 pm.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamental organizing skills – Learn tools to conduct individual relational meetings, listening sessions, research and action to help obtain a concrete, winnable outcome.
  • Strengthen our institutions – Engage people systematically in a culture that is relational, action-oriented and reflective.
  • Problems vs. issues – Focus from general problems to concrete, winnable issues by using relational power in the public arena to negotiate for the common good.
What is the cost?
Free for GVAT member organizations


All sessions via Zoom, link provided once registered

GVAT is a growing alliance of civic organizations working for the Common Good. It currently has about two dozen member organization representing more than 50,000 individuals. Congregation Emanu-El is a founding member. GVAT currently has three Action Research Teams ((ARTS): homelessness and affordable housing, mental health and addictions and climate justice. We have congregants participating in these teams; Todd Litman in the first, Ruth Schreier in the second and Robert Oppenheimer in the last.

A challenge for us as Jews: there are organizations and trade unions that hold ideas and stances that are abrasive and alienating for us as a Jewish organization. The world of social justice is currently not always a comfortable place for us as Jews. The hope is that by working together on shared values we can forge relationships, change hearts and make a positive difference.

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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