Backyard Thursday morning minyan

Minyan with dredits

Please consider joining the minyan on Thursdays at 7 am in Uri and Leah’s backyard. If you are looking for a very sweet, welcoming prayer experience that is intimate and relaxed, this is place for you.

Services will continue to be streamed as usual on Zoom, to Join Online: CLICK HERE…

In the interests of personal and community safety as we open up this opportunity for congregational worship we must observe the following practices:

  • Please, if you or anyone in your household is ill, stay at home.
  • Please, if you are at higher risk for severe illness, seriously consider staying home.
  • Please, if you are unable to manage without the use of a washroom during the minyan service, stay home.
  • To maintain physical distancing of 2 metres between participants, we cannot safely exceed 20 people in the backyard. Furthermore, we need to have a record of attendance available for contact tracing in the event, G. forbid, of an exposure event. Consequently, you will have to let us know that you wish to attend (RSVP) and that you accept our guidelines:
  • To keep the backyard minyan space as safe as possible, we expect congregants to observe 2 m physical distancing and to wear masks.
  • To cultivate personal protective practices, we ask that you bring your own mask and any personal ritual items such as tallit and tefillin, and if possible, your own siddur.
To RSVP for the backyard minyan, contact Elisheva…

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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