Superheroes: Shushan and Beyond

CEE Purim Poster 2020 letter FINAL 1000Monday, March 9, 2020: A Purim Celebration—Each of us knows someone who inspires us. This special individual may be a fictional superhero (think comic book) or a real-life person (say actor, activist, mentor, singer, etc.). Or, perhaps they are one of the protagonists in the beloved Book of Esther.

Join Congregation Emanu-El for a festive and raucous Megillah reading, and a chance to dress up as your favourite someone who energizes you to bring esed (loving kindness) and gevurah (courage/strength) into our world. Be creative, daring and fun! (You can even dress up as a super-villain if you want to embrace your inner renegade!) All are welcome.

We are pleased to offer a light dinner buffet starting at 6 pm. Megillah reading in English and Hebrew to follow at 7 pm including the serving of homemade hamantashen. BYOB.

For more information: Contact Congregation Emanu-El
(T: 250-382-0615 or E: )

Religious Services Committee

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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