Back to Shul ABCs: Art, Bratwurst, Clezmer…

BTS ABCs“Back to Shul” was a joyful and warmhearted success. It was a wonderful way to start the school year, to visit with friends and to meet the newest members of our community. The BBQ was delicious thanks to Yaaqov Ittah and Rosalind Majorki, who make so many of our events special. We had creative and entertaining crafts and a conversation-prompting Bingo game (our dairy farmer was the most valuable player). Undeniably charming were the Sizzlers Fiddle Group, led by Amy Pastor.  This talented group of young musicians played throughout the afternoon, offering a diverse repertoire: Klezmer and Leonard Cohen tunes as ably handled as Hatikvah and Despacito.  Many of their songs incorporated dance steps and they toured throughout the picnic while they played. Absolutely wonderful!
This was a multi-faceted event–a huge thanks to everyone who helped. As with all successful parties, we did this one together.  Kol hakavod!
For photos taken by Penny Tennenhouse, Frances Aknai and Frances Rosenberg click here…

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