Emanu-El Participates in National Bible Contest: כול הכבוד

Bible Contest Photo 1.2

The National Bible Contest was held in Montreal this past Sunday and Monday. Six of Congregation Emanuel’s Grade five/six class competed long distance from Vancouver. The material was parts of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, a total of 23 chapters. On Sunday morning the students wrote a 50-question multiple choice exam and two other exams which required them to answer questions like “who said to whom?” and “what does this mean”: “the wages of your labourer shall not remain with you until morning”.

It was very impressive to see how seriously the students applied themselves to these 3 exams. Each of them, Sarah Bookman, Ella Bookman, Jade Fisher Marshall, Myryam Fagen, Murray Fagen, and Miriam Gunn, gave serious thought to all the questions for nearly two hours, all in a calm and positive way. The rest of the day we played in a Trampoline place, Steveston’s City Park, and even in the Watermania Pool, all before dinner!

Monday morning we visited Richmond Jewish Day School’s grade 5 class and saw what a day school is like. While there we were informed by the organizers in Montreal that 3 of our students placed in the top 5 in the English Division. We hurried over to the Jewish Community Center and the 3 students wrote the final exam which had questions like: “with regard to what is this written: “and you shall enjoy all the bounty” and “send one man from each of their tribes”. Again, the students were so impressive – they thought carefully about the material and applied what they remembered to the exam.

On the way home to the ferry, we stopped in a park and waited for the call from Montreal telling us if we placed in the top 3. And we did! Murray took 3rd place, Jade took 2nd and Ella took 1st! Kol Hakavod to each of them.

Chanah Caplan and Rabbi Harry made it possible for us to make the trip to Vancouver – Thank you both!

Leah Levi

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