Thanks for providing warm, dry socks!

unpacking the socks

Anyone of us could be down on our luck at some point in our lives. What began in 2005 as a small act of kindness has grown into an ongoing success as a community program.Thanks to a coalition over 30 social service agencies led by Cool Aid and Victoria’s historic synagogue Congregation Emanu-El and to the generous members of our community recognized below we have again shown individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and people living on the street that we care. We have just received 7500 pairs of of warm dry, socks bringing the total of socks obtained since we began to over 90,000 pairs. Each year we’ve helped and given a little hope and comfort to people in need and the agencies that serve them.

Many thanks for their generosity to Hutcheson and Co., David FitzPatrick, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Wadell-Raponi Law, Craig Doell BMO, Michael and Christine Bloomfield, Congregation Emanu-El, Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island, John Adams at Cook-Roberts Law, Scotiabank Yates Street, Glen McElroy DDS, Howie Siegel, Stephen White, Alan Rycroft, Cool-Aid Society, Murray Rankin MP, Phylis Chuly, Penny Tennenhouse, Louis Sutker, Ilana Stanger- Ross, Leo Siu, Leslie Wicks, Micha Menczer, Genevieve and Eric Brandt, Nancy Issenman, Norma Butterfield and Stanley and Lindy Shortt. And again, special thanks to La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries for generously providing transport from McGregor Socks in Ontario.

The socks have been shared among and are being distributed by:

  • AIDS Vancouver Island
  • Anawim House
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Burnside Gorge Community Association
  • Cool Aid Society
  • Dandelion Society
  • Hope Farm (Duncan) Victoria Youth Clinic Society
  • Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter
  • Wisteria Community Association (Nanaimo)
  • Native Friendship Centre
  • Out of the Rain Youth Shelter
  • Pacifica Housing Services
  • Rainbow Kitchen
  • REES
  • Rock Bay Landing (Streetlink)
  • Salt Spring Island Community Services
  • Sandy Merriman House
  • Single Parent Resource Centre
  • Sooke Food Bank
  • Threshold Society
  • Victoria EWP shelters

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An inclusive, warm, and progressive Conservative synagogue in Victoria, B.C.

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