What a wonderful encounter!

Calling All Artists Event LeadersThe guests who attended the Calling All Artists Encounters Opening Gala at the synagogue on Sunday, June 3 had a wonderful encounter. The welcome, the refreshments, the presentations and the art were offered with warmth, delicacy and joy. Congratulations on a superb show! For pictures (provided by Penny Tennenhouse, Frances Aknai and Frances Rosenberg)…

About the program

Human/Divine Interaction:What does it mean? What does it look like? Meet the artists & writers who have worked with Rabbi Harry Brechner to interpret these ideas through their art.

  • Dahlia Beck Musicians. (Mosaic Stones 24″ x 16″ (framed)) ∞ The noun – revelation – unveils something essentially human; it embodies revelry and rebelling, unfolding spontaneously, viscerally. It makes us sway and pulsate, it inspires and stirs us, like music. The violin, cello, and clarinet laugh and sob radiantly.
  • Louise Crossgrove & Amanda WhiteEncounters Water Fountain (Water Fountain – 17″ high by 15″ wide: Clay, sea shells, beach stones, wood, paint, enamel). Framed Companion Poem­ “Encounters of the Infinite Kind” ∞ Shells, stones, clay are birthed and bathed on beaches that harbour the very edges where spirit and hearts encounter each other, bringing hands together to incarnate souls’ dreams.
  • Gail Davidson ∞ Transcendent Connections in Stillness (Acrylic on Canvas 24″ wide by 36″ high) ∞ This piece expresses the intense moments of transcendence accessed through gateways of stillness during meditation. Subtle colour shifts and textured surface reflect the vitality and aliveness of divine connection.
  • Graham Dragushan ∞ What’s happening? “מה קורה” (Framed Mirror {16″ by 22″) Maple (plain & spalted), mahogany, glass, brass) ∞ An encounter with the Divine happens at a surprisingly personal level. God is everywhere and in everyone. There can be no proof, only experience. The mirror behind the door can remind us that the Divine is in each of us we just have to look.
  • Joseph Finkleman ∞ Her Story (8 Framed Watercolor Panels: each 11″ wide by 17″ high) ∞ 8 watercolors are a two voice poem, which tell an ancient story, told and re-told of a man who has been done wrong. We never hear her story, today we do.
  • Susan Finkleman ∞ Jacob’s Encounter (Gel Pen Micrograph 12″ by 12″) ∞ This piece is made up entirely of tiny Hebrew repetitions of Yah Ribbono Shel Olam, a Chassidic mantra meaning ‘Lord of the Universe’ that has been in use for hundreds of years.
  • Judith Fischer ∞ Blue Moon (Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 48″ by 36″) ∞ The painting:  Blue Moon is a mystical, spiritual landscape with two human figures. The artist felt that it was only through artistic intuition that the deeper reality could be perceived.
  • Susan Holtz ∞ Poetry ∞ “Encounters” is Susan’s second time participating in the Call to Artists session. Susan’s many talents range from Ballet and Flamenco Dance to Stage Manager and Poet. As a writer Susan has a talent for crafting both inspiring, and often quite humorous !iterations.
  • Daryl Levine ∞ The Journey (Two Paintings, Watercolour & Mixed Media Collage, each framed 16″ by 20″) ∞ My work is inspired  by the Rabbi’s teachings and my lifelong quest to find my purpose, soul’s desire and the ability to receive and express unconditional love, support and gratitude.
  • Barbara Pelman ∞ Hero’s journey of the Soul & Thirteen Ways to Encounter God (2 Poems) ∞ The Hero’s Journey:  how the soul must navigate the challenges of ordinary life in order to interact with the Divine. 13 Ways to Encounter God: This was a difficult and diverse topic, I thought the format of 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird would allow for some divergence and random connections.
  • Karen Rowantree ∞ 3 Collages (Handmade washi paper, collage, ink, watercolour each is approx.  36″ by 20″) ∞ These are fictional portraits, though in some sense they are also self-portraits, or aspects of myself. They are “in your face”, larger than life-size, inviting eye contact and expressing the openness and vulnerability of connection, the precursor to deep encounter. They say, “hineyni, here I am”, and present themselves without protection of glass or frame.
  • Louis Sutker ∞ The Creator Encounters the Created (Poem) ∞ This poem was inspired by a dream that brought horne to me the burden and responsibility and joy of creating. I wanted it to be a song but that did not yet happen.
  • Jean E. Sonmor Ruach (Acrylic on Canvas – 20″ x 20″) ∞ Ruach: Exploring the meaning of the Hebrew word ruach. Also showing: Can I Pray Backwards?: Trying to understand what 6,ooo,ooo looks like, I began painting small blue dots on the pages of my old Bible which has become a meditative prayer.
  • Devorah StoneIn and Out ­ Up and Down (Mobile 5’5’ long by 20″ across: Cloth, paper, wire, pipe cleaners – various fasteners) ∞ Jacob’s ladder as described by Rabbi Harry Brechner struck me as being like DNA going up and down. DNA- the essence of being human, how they are alike – entwined.
  • Kathy Switzer ∞ Pathways (Textural Acrylic Paint & Ink on Wood Panel: 24″ wide by 18″ high) ∞ Nature is perhaps the most powerful and ever changing imagery around us moving from light to dark, warm to cold, welcoming to dangerous: a representation of our struggle and the work we must do to find ourselves, our destiny, and the answers to our questions.
  • Tobias Tomlinson12 Pieces (Various Mediums) ∞ A working artisan for more than 45 years, and a Quaker since he was 11. These two have shaped how life is viewed. The Creator is all around us, and shows that Light everyday to everyone with eyes to see.
  • Maurice Yacowar Angling tor Angel: The Movie (10 pages; 10 minutes) ∞ This playful performance piece combines sight and sound. Interweaving Biblical incidents with literary and musical voices dramatizes our desire to transcend mortality.

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