AGM chooses Board of Directors for 2018/19

gavel-gAt the AGM held on May 23, 2018, the Congregation Emanu-El Board of Directors was reconstituted following the election of new members. The meeting thanked Judith Belton, Jean Dragushan, Susan Watt and Joyanne Plewes, who were stepping down, for their service to the congregation.

The Board of Directors for 2018–19 is as follows:

  • Ruthi (Lesley) Wicks (President)
  • Alexander Cunow Wicks* (Vice President)
  • Ellen Dragushan (Treasurer)
  • Micha Menczer (Secretary)
  • Aaron Severs (Gabbai; Religious Services Committee Chair)
  • Richard Kool (Jewish Cemetery Committee Chair)
  • Ed Fitch*
  • Samuel Godfrey
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Todd Golumbia
  • Tim Hister*
  • Jennifer Karmona*
  • Lyndsay Lytle*
  • Frances Rosenberg*
  • Ruth Schreier*
  • Immediate Past President: Aharon Ittah
  • Rabbi (ex-officio, non-voting): Rabbi Harry Brechner
  • Synagogue Director (ex-officio, non-voting): Betsi Boeno

* Newly elected member

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