The Many Hands of the Chuppah: our story from 2013


Opens June 3 at Congregation Emanu-El synagogue — This exhibit tells the story of what inspired the hands of a multigenerational group of 14 women—artists, quilters, and designers—to create a new wedding canopy (chuppah) in celebration of the 150th anniversary (2013) of the consecration of Congregation Emanu-El synagogue.

Enid Elliot, one of the contributors to the creation of the Chuppah, said at the festive launch of the Chuppah in 2013:
“Each woman shared some of her love and energy for this community and each square comes from the heart.  It was truly a communal effort…an inspiring project.

Here’s what inspired Annette Wigod (age 91) to create her square, The Shabbat Candles.

“When a call went out for hand-sewn squares for a new Chuppah in 2013, one image leapt into my mind: Shabbat candles glowing brightly.  The Chuppah, held over the heads of the wedding couple symbolizes a Jewish home. The sight of the Shabbat candles is a weekly reminder for the couple, and later their children, that says: We are a Jewish family. Even if there is little other observance in the home, the lit Shabbat candles carry the message.

In the early 1950s when my husband and I decided to light candles on Shabbat, I didn’t know the traditional blessing. So a friend offered to type it for me in transliteration. She asked me “What kind of accent do you want? East European or Israeli?” I asked her what kind she had, her answer was “Israeli.” My answer: “I’ll take it”. Now sixty years later the image of Shabbat candles still burns brightly in my heart, and I believe, in the hearts of my children.”

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