Fast of Firstborns (Siyyum Bekhorim)

Firstborn Passover (f14v) s Friday, March 30 at 8 am — If you are a firstborn, it is incumbent upon you to fast on Erev Pesaḥ as a sign of thanksgiving for the sparing of your ancestral peers. Also, for those who are not firstborn but have an oldest child who is not yet old enough to fast, it is appropriate for you to fast on their behalf.

Instead of fasting, you may join us at the synagogue on Friday, March 30 at 8 am for davening and a wonderful siyyum to follow. What is a siyyum you ask? A siyyum is a completion of a considerable amount of Torah learning. The completion of a tractate or an order of Mishnah mandates a special celebration where some of the beautiful pieces of learning are shared – and of course you cannot have a Jewish celebration without food – so food is a central component of the siyyum.

According to Jewish law, the joy of a siyyum takes precedent over the fast of the firstborn – so if you are a firstborn and want to avoid this fast, come to the siyyum, have some breakfast and enjoy some great learning.

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