Havdalah Salon: Tales from a Calcutta Childhood

Havdalah March 17 1.2 (2)

Saturday, March 17, 7 pm — Beginning about 7 pm, Rabbi Harry will lead us in Havdalah followed by Seemah Berson telling us some Tales from a Calcutta Childhood. This presentation will launch an Adult Education Series on Sefardi Jewish life and culture.

Seemah is the author of I Have a Story to Tell You a book containing the untarnished stories and word for word accounts collected from Eastern European Jewish immigrants about their journeying to Canada and finding work in the sweatshops and needle trades of Montreal.

But Seemah has more tales to tell… She was born in Calcutta (as she says – Kolkata she does not know) into families of Baghdadi and Iranian roots who settled there during the time of the British Raj. She lived and grew up in a thriving Sefardi Jewish community, until she left for Canada in 1954.

Seemah is no stranger to Emanu-El as she visited in 2010 to present her book. Anyone who remembers that presentation will know that she is a natural raconteur who demonstrates wit and perspicacity in her writing and recounting. Now she is coming back to regale us with her tales of Jewish life in Calcutta, before it became Kolkata.

This is a Havdalah Salon not to be missed.

We will start around 7 pm, please bring desserts to share, YOB and register with the office, so we have an idea of the number to expect.

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