Kristallnacht 2017

Lorne U & Suzanne D

This year’s commemorative event for Kristallnacht took place on November 9, 2017 at Congregation Emanu-El synagogue and was attended by over two hundred people from various and diverse backgrounds. In addition to the Jewish community, the attendees included leaders from the Christian and Muslim faiths,  law enforcement, First Nations and government.

For the first time the BC premier attended. John Horgan, our current premier, was present and participated in the event. The various speakers included: Richard Kool who moderated, Kristin Semmens, Charlotte Schallié, Robert Oppenheimer, Rabbi Harry Brechner and Jordan Stanger-Ross who gave the keynote address. Music was provided by Lucila Nerenberg, Julia Herzog, Hannah Faber and the Habonim Dror Youth Group.

Given the current world situation, the program this year was appropriately entitled “Remembering the Past, Envisioning the Future”. The event emphasized the importance of universal tolerance symbolized by the Pledge of Mutual Support made by the spiritual, political and community leaders. This event was produced by the Victoria Shoah Project. Visit us on Facebook at

Photo by Penny Tennenhouse. For more photos (Penny Tennenhouse, Frances Rosenberg)…

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