Bravo Bēma!

Horowitz & Mrs. Washington shuffle

Bēmas show Horowitz and Mrs. Washington went beyond the fringe. The electric performance of the actors enabled the audience to visit uninhibitedly the issues of racism, stroke recovery and aging in place. The audiences rated Horowitz and Mrs. Washington the runner-up for the Pick of the Fringe Favorite Drama award.
For the most part, the actors were provided with a very humorous script that relied on stereotyping but went beyond it for its punchlines. The audience was asked to stretch their imaginations – who would have considered invoking Michelangelo to explain why the naming of a grandson “Douglas” instead of “David” was inappropriate? There were a few moments when the pace flagged but very few. The play revealed little about the face of contemporary racism other than to remind us of racism. The significance of stroke rehabilitation is readily apparent as now 80% of people survive a stroke. The potential disempowering of aging adults by their loving offspring is an issue of contemporary concern.

Getting the left hand to work
Interestingly the playwright lived to the ripe old age of 99. He met his wife of 61 years while he was a patient and she was a nurse in Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.
Well done! I rate Horowitz and Mrs. Washington among the best of Bēmas shows. Kudos to everyone involved in the production!

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