C-E hosts The Canadian Jewish Experience

Until September, 2017


The Canadian Jewish Experience (CJE) is a volunteer initiative to celebrate Canada and the contributions made by Jews to the building of this modern country.

This work was undertaken in connection with Canada’s 150th anniversary, and reflects the pride and love which Canadian Jews have for this country. It includes an exhibit that Congregation Emanu-El is delighted to have the opportunity to display in the social hall until September, 2017.

All Canadians take pride in our 150th anniversary, but Jewish citizens celebrate with special appreciation. Canada’s peoples come from many backgrounds and religions. Our
spirit of tolerance and diversity helps cultural communities thrive within a

Jewish Canadians have played important roles in all facets of life in Canada, dating back to the mid-1700s. Their accomplishments reflect the challenges and successes
experienced here during the past 150 years.

A specialized website has been created to provide more information about historical topics covered by the CJE exhibit and about many extraordinary Canadians. The website
also provides information about venues for lectures and other locations where
the travelling exhibit can be seen.

CJE is funded entirely through private donations, and it is led by volunteers. The core
vision is to share Jewish aspects of Canada’s story through an exhibition, a
website, and specialist speakers.

Congregation Emanu-El thanks the Canadian Jewish Experience for sharing this beautiful exhibit with us.

Read more about the exhibit at: http://cje2017.com/exhibits/the-jewish-journey-to-canada/

See images from the exhibit at: http://cje2017.com/picture-gallery/

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